How to Initiate Bank of America EDD Transfer Funds To Bank A/c

Bank of America EDD Transfer Funds
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You may be asking yourself, “Can I transfer money from Bank of America EDD to my bank account?” And there are several reasons why you might be interested in doing so. First and foremost, the Bank of America EDD transfer funds into your Bank Account can be a good way to avoid charges. For example, they will charge you $1 for each out-of-network fee and $15 for an emergency transfer.

You must be thinking that $1 isn’t much, but consider it from a different perspective. If BofA charges $1; a million people like you and me each day, they will make approximately $30 million per month and $365 million per year in unemployment benefits.

So if you want to avoid the unusual fees entirely, it is better to transfer your card balance into your checking account. In this post, we will provide step-by-step instructions on doing it; keep reading!

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Is it possible to transfer money from Bank of America EDD to my bank account?

Yes, you can transfer money from Bank of America EDD to your bank account. You don’t even need to have a Bank of America checking account to do it – the transfer will be initiated as a Direct Deposit to your account. It’s simple and easy when done correctly!

In order to do so, you’ll need the routing number and account number for your bank account. You can find this information on your checks or on your bank statement.

Once you have bank routing and account numbers, you have two options to initiate the fund transfer. First, you can call customer care, or second go to their website to start the money transfer.

Bank of America EDD transfer funds: By Phone Call

To initiate a bank of America EDD transfer, you must first contact their customer service department. You will have to call 866-692-9374 to transfer some or all of your funds.

Once you’ve dialed the EDD Debit card customer service department, press zero to talk with a representative. They will ask you for the Routing Number And Account Information no matter whether it’s savings or checking account.

You can find your routing number in the lower left-hand corner of your check. And the account number is listed just after the routing number. Your bank statement should already include all of this information.

Once you’ve submitted all of the information necessary, your request will be processed. You will be asked to wait while the EDD transfers your funds to your bank account.

Once the transfer has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email stating that the transaction was successful. But you will have to wait for 2 to 3 business days to see the amount available in your account.

In my opinion, you should not try this method for transferring your fund. Because you will have to wait too long to get a customer service representative to do the transfer for you. It is better if you use the online method to do the transfer by yourself.

Bank of America EDD transfer funds: By Using Website

You can transfer funds using the mobile banking app or the website. You will have to enter your account number and password for using the mobile app.

Bank of America and the EDD are not transparent about the fact that your EDD Visa debit card number is also your account number for login and your password is the final 6 digits of the card number.

But remember, you will have to register your account from their website first. To do so you will have to visit After signing up, you can also transfer your money from here.

In my case, I have found it more convenient to use the website to transfer funds.

To initiate the transfer, go to the menu on the top right corner, press “My Money,” and go to the “Transfers.” Here you will find a Notice from Bank of America that your fund will take 2 business days to be available in your bank account.

Now scroll down and you will see the One-Time Transfer “Amount Box”. This is where you’ll need to input the amount you wish to transfer and press the “Submit” button.

You will have to review the information and bank account details you have already put in while registering your account. Next, check the little box saying you agree to the terms and conditions and finally click continue.

At this point, you will get the message saying the fund has been transferred successfully. It might take two business days for the money to be accessible in your account. I received my fund on the same day, however.

Can you transfer all money from an EDD debit card to a bank account?

Yes. Bank of America (BofA) allows anyone who has an EDD card to transfer all money into a bank account. The fund will be transferred as a direct deposit into the account. As mentioned above, all you have to do is call their number or use their website to transfer funds. There is no transferring fee associated with it.

Do I need to have a Bank of America Bank Account To Use an EDD Debit Card?

You do not need an account with Bank of America or any other financial institution to receive your benefit payments on the debit card or use it. In addition, you can use the EDD benefits at ATMs, online, and in-person to make purchases in any VISA debit card accepted locations or withdraw cash.

Do I need to have a Bank of America Bank Account To make the Transfer?

To send a direct deposit transfer to your own bank account with another financial institution, you don’t need a checking or savings account with Bank of America.

A direct deposit is the instantaneous transmission of funds from your debit card account to your personal checking or savings account, as opposed to a check. Most are completed within two business days.

Please keep in mind that if you want to move the money from your EDD Card to another bank account, you must first receive and activate the debit card.

You may start direct deposit transactions in two ways: as a one-time transfer or as an automatic transfer.

Can I transfer money from my EDD card to Cash App?

You can not connect your EDD card to Cash App Because Cash App does not accept any prepaid cards. For transferring your fund to Cash App you can use other payment methods, or you can link a credit card.

If you wish to move your funds from your EDD debit card to Cash app, you’ll have to utilize an indirect approach. First, you will have to transfer your fund to a personal bank account. Then, you can utilize the bank account to move your funds to the Cash app.

You may move funds from your EDD debit card to a checking or savings account by following the instructions above.

Is the EDD Debit Card a cost-free service?

Most card services are free, they require payment on rare occasions. However, the following example does not involve any changes to the user.

  • Cash-back with purchases at groceries, pharmacies, and also US Post Office locations.
  • ATM withdrawals from any Bank of America ATMs within the United States.
  • Up to Two ATM withdrawals for free per benefit deposit at any other Bank’s ATM.
  • There is no limit for teller cash access that accepts a Visa card at any financial institution or credit union.
  • There is no fees or limit on direct deposit transfers to any bank account whether it’s a checking or savings account.
  • No limit on ATMs and online customer service balance inquiries and free of cost.
  • No fees on issuing the new card in the US or domestic replacement card.

Will the EDD or Bank of America contact me to get information about my account?

NO! The EDD and Bank of America WILL NOT contact you by email, phone, or by other means to request your personal information. Do not provide this information if you suspect fraud.

If you receive a telephone call, email, or letter asking for secret details regarding your account such as your debit card number, PIN, or Social Security Number, do not respond.

Contact Bank of America’s customer service immediately if you believe someone is using your account illegally and making an unauthorized transaction. If you spot a fraudulent charge, you should also contact customer care.


Bank of America EDD offers an easy way to get cash when you need it. Yes, it is possible to transfer money from Bank of America EDD to your bank account. Bank of America offers a few different ways for customers to make this type of transfer. We’ve outlined the two most common methods above.

If you need help making an emergency cash transfer or have any other questions about Bank of America EDD, please reach out to them for assistance by Phone Call: dial 1-866-692-9374 (TTY: 1-866-656-5913) and follow the prompts.

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