Where Can I Cash a Third Party Check? All You Need to Know

Where can I cash a third party check
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Getting paid is a great feeling, but it can be hard to get the money in your hands. Some people may have an easier time than others when it comes to getting their third-party checks cashed.

Suppose you are employed by a company that offers direct deposit for paychecks. In that case, you will never need to worry about where you can cash a third-party check because all of your earnings will go directly into your account without any problems! However, if you got a third party check from your employer or any other source, then this article is for you.

Article Overview

Where can I cash a third-party check?

You can cash a third-party check at just about any bank or credit union, some grocery stores, and convenience stores. In most cases, all that’s needed is the original check. However, some banks and credit unions may also ask for a photo ID or other information before they’ll cash it. Here are some lists for cashing third-party checks:

  • Bank of America
  • U.S. Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • Citibank
  • HSBC
  • SunTrust Bank
  • First National bank
  • TD Bank
  • Connexus Credit Union
  • Navy Federal Credit Union

What is a Third Party Check?

A third party check is a personal or business check that’s been written on someone else’s checking account indirectly. Third party checks are a type of financial instrument that involves more than one person, such as the issuer, the endorser, and the cashed-out party.

The person endorsing the check out to and the person depositing the check into their account have to sign the back.

What are Third-Party Checks Used For?

Third-party checks can be used for a variety of reasons. For example, they can be used to pay for someone else’s bills or expenses instead of writing a personal check from your own checking account.

A third-party check is basically just another type of bank check. It has been issued from one person or business to someone else. A third-party check is usually written on behalf of a client or customer. This means that they own the funds being deposited. It reduces the transaction time of double depositing hassle.

How do I Cash Third Party Checks?

There are several ways to cash a third-party check. You could either use a local bank branch location, online banking services, or even a mail dropbox. Each option works differently, so let’s take a look at each method:

Using Local Bank Branch Locations

This is probably the easiest way to cash a third-party check. All you would need to do is walk into a local bank branch location and ask them to cash your check. They will give you a form which you fill out and sign. Once completed, they will process your request and send you your cash.

This is also known as “in-person” checking. In some cases, banks may require you to bring your ID along with your check. Make sure to keep copies of both documents before leaving the bank.

Online Banking Services

Another popular way for cashing third-party checks is using online banking services. These options include websites such as www.bankofamerica.com, www.GoBank.com, etc. Online banking allows users to access their accounts 24/7 via computer or mobile device.

You simply log onto your chosen website and follow the instructions provided. After entering your login information, select the option labeled “Check Deposit” under the heading “Deposit.” Then choose the option titled “Third-party Check,” followed by selecting the name of the individual who sent you the check. Finally, enter the amount of the check and click submit.

Check-cashing stores

Using the check cashing service of a check-cashing store is another option if you don’t have an account at a bank or credit union. Similar to banks and credit unions, they each have their own requirements and regulations. You may need to bring in both parties, have additional photo identification and pay for the service at check-cashing stores. It’s better to get in touch with them before you try to conduct business. 

Can You deposit a 3rd party check signed over to me at an ATM?

Third-party checks can be deposited at a financial institution. The bank may need to investigate potential fraud issues if there are any red flags.

Some people might prefer the ATM deposit. You should only deposit checks signed over to you at an ATM. The banks will make a decision about whether or not to deposit the check.

If the check is not cleared, the bank may mail it back to you. But if you want to try to deposit the check again later, you will have to do it at a different address.

Why should I use Third Party Checks?

When you are hiring an individual or company for a service, you can use a third-party check. This type of check is also known as cold hard cash because this type of payment method can be used by both organizations and individuals with a very low fee per check.

This form of payment is one that has the great advantage of avoiding misunderstandings because it can be used as an instrument of payment and control.

It is easier to use third-party checks than cash. They don’t have to keep change or quarters in a roll for the customer, and there are fewer trips back and forth from the register.

The third-party check benefits include not carrying cash around, being insured, and being notified by mail if the check bounces.

Many people don’t cash third-party checks because they’re afraid of being in trouble for cashing the wrong one, but there are benefits to doing so that may outweigh the risk.

It also serves as protection against fraud and enables the person or company to report any malfunctions, problematic payments, unfulfilled duties, etc., to avoid legal consequences later on.

The upside is that you can cash your paycheck at more places if it’s a personal third-party check and deposit it quickly, without needing to show ID to the bank teller.


Does Walmart Cash 3rd Party Checks?

Walmart, Unfortunately, does not cash personal 3rd party checks. But they accept some other types of checks such as payroll checks, government checks, tax refunds, cashiers’ checks, insurance settlement checks, and 401(k) or retirement account disbursement checks.

Does PayPal Cash Third Party Checks?

No, PayPal doesn’t cash any third party check. Personal and business checks from all banks are accepted, but they are not accepted for traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders.

But make sure your ID is verified to PayPal for any unexpected fund hold issue. You can avoid this situation simply by linking your debit card, prepaid card, or credit card to your user profile. 

Can I cash a Third Party party check without an account?

Yes, you can but, you have to gather two forms of photo identification. The person whose name is written on a third-party check needs to be proved in order to cash it. For that reason, The bank will usually require at least two forms of picture identification to do this.

How long does it take for a third-party check to clear?

A third party check clearance duration is similar to a two party check. Funds might not be available for another five days if the check doesn’t clear in two days. Regulation CC allows for up to two business days for on-us checks and five additional business days for local checks, which is seven days of time for a deposit.

Why is an ID necessary to cash a Third-party check?

A third-party check is owned by someone else. Without the original beneficiary present, the financial institution has no way of knowing if the transaction is legitimate or if you are just trying to cheat someone out of their money. That’s why banking institutions require ID verification.

How can I Cash a Third-Party Stimulus Check?

The Third-party stimulus check is a special type of government refund that can be cashed at any bank or credit union. The money will come from an account set up specifically for those purposes, and it’s backed by the United States Government, so there are no worries about losing your earnings on these checks!

Write “Pay to the order of” on the first line if you want to endorse a third-party check. Then, write the person’s name to the person who endorsed the check, followed by your name as it appears in front of the check.

Can I Deposit Someone Else’s Check into my Account?

The payee can endorse their check to you by writing “Pay To” and “Your name” on the back and signing it. However, banks aren’t legally required to accept third-party checks. That being said, mobile check deposits will not work this way.

If they refuse your deposit of this type, then there is nothing more that will happen than just an unpleasant experience at the counter with no resolution possible for either party involved in this transaction.

Some banks will process the check in the absence of the original payee if the check is endorsed correctly. Other banks will not accept such checks if the original payee is not present and the check is made out to more than one person. Your bank may be able to process your check if you have a good relationship with them.

For example, one person in a married couple lets the other person deposit it in a separate account if they so choose.

The joint check must be deposited into the bank account of the two people who wrote it, even if it’s a government check. If the parties are not account holders at the bank, it won’t be accepted.

Can a third-party check be traced?

Yes, a transaction made using a third-party check can be traced as long as the check amount will be cleared from the first party’s bank in the end. Bank will keep a record of this transaction in their account. If your purpose is to make a transaction without a trace, you have to use other transaction methods.


You can cash it in person at your bank, but you will have to bring the original form of identification with which the check was issued. If this is not an option for you, there are other places that accept checks as payment, such as online retailers and grocery stores.

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